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      Date: 3/11/2016                                                    Place: St. Paul Hasang Church

      Speaker:  Fr. Foeckler                                          Topic: Paschal Mystery

      Fr. Foeckler begins by writing “Paschal Mystery* –
      Suffering, Death, Resurrection”.

      There are 40 days of Lent and 50 days of Easter.


      He asks everyone … why did Jesus die?

                                        what does
      crucifix mean to us?

      does it mean to have our sins taken away?


      “Confession is like spiritual ATM…..If we are
      sorry, we get back forgiveness”

      We must remember that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


      Fr. Foeckler continues and focuses on Jesus’ seven
      phrases while hanging on the cross.


      1) Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are

      2) My God, My God Why have you forsaken me?

      3) Today, you will be with me in paradise

      4) Woman, behold your son…. Behold your mother

      5) I thirst

      6) Father into your hand I commend my spirit

      7) It is finished




      *The Paschal Mystery is a core doctrine of the Church,
      one of the essential beliefs of all Christians.

      This is the definition of Paschal Mystery in the glossary
      of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

      Christ’s work of redemption accomplished principally by
      his Passion, death, Resurrection, and glorious 

      Ascension, whereby “dying he
      destroyed our death, rising he restored our life” (1067; cf. 654). 

      The paschal
      mystery is celebrated and made present in the liturgy of the Church, and its
      saving effects are

      communicated through the sacraments (1076), especially the
      Eucharist, which renews the paschal sacrifice of Christ as the sacrifice
      offered by the Church (571, 1362–1372). (P. 891)

                                   -Saint Mary’s
      Press 2010

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