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      1/22/2016 6:30pm
      PLACE: St. Paul Hasang Church (Des Plaines)
      SPEAKER:  Fr. Foeckler                        TOPIC: Mercy
      Fr. Foeckler started out with
      introducing this year as the Extra Ordinary Year- Year of Mercy.
      As Pope Francis declared from
      December 8, 2015-November 26, 2016 to be the YEAR OF MERCY,
      we reflect on St. Pope John
      Paul II
        who said “Mercy is the
      goodness of God shown to us in our need”.
      Fr. Foeckler asked the
      children what they thought of when they think of God.
      Children replied….  God is Merciful, Holy, Our Father, Saviour,
      Full of Love.
      What is God/Who is God?   God is Good and He is Love.
      God’s name in Hebrew is
      written YHWH= Yahweh
      Jesus is written as Yeshua
      which defines as God (Ye) is Savior (Shua)
      Savior is who saves His people
      from their sins.

      Therefore, who Jesus is…is who
      God is.

      Mark 2:1  Some men came bringing to him a paralyzed man, carried by four of them…..

      When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” 
      When we go to confession, we make peace with God and church BUT we MUST confess in our heart first.
      There we will see God’s Mercy….forgiveness of our sins.
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