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      DATE : 02/17/2017                                            PLACE : St. Paul Chong Ha Sang Church ( Des Plaines)

      SPEAKER : Fr. Foeckler, Miles Jesu                         TOPIC :  –   Sermon  on the Mountain 


      ** Sermon on the Mountain – Beatitudes **

      Fr. Foeckler
      started by asking us, “what is a sermon?”


      Sermon– speech; commentary

      Jesus sat
      down on a mountain and waited for people to come to listen to his most
      important sermon; 

      the Beatitudes.

      Jesus spoke
      to only people who were interested and were willing to listen to his sermon,
      similar to 

      when people today are willing to go to mass.

      Jesus sat
      down to wait for people who
      truly wanted to be his disciples.


      “You have
      heard it said… you shall not kill.
       Refers to Moses receiving the Ten

      on Mount Sinai

      But I say to
      you… God said it.”



      God ———> Moses                   Jesus himself



      Moses is
      simply a messenger. Moses sends the message to the people.

      Jesus makes
      the message; represents God, and becomes the
      Law Giver.

      Jesus speaks
      with authority, and then people realize that Jesus is really the Son of God.

      The Beatitudes – Jesus teaches us how to be blessed,
      and happy. (Matthew 5:3-10)

      1 – Blessed
      are the
      Poor in Spirit, for
      theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

      2 – Blessed are
      those who
      mourn, for they
      shall be comforted.

      sad / repent for others; not following God

      3 – Blessed
      are the
      meek, for they shall
      inherit the earth.

          Meek– gentle (Examples are King
      David and Jesus Christ himself)

          Being the BIGGER person; turning the other

          Loving your enemies; doing Good to the Bad.

      4 – Blessed
      are the
      hunger & thirst
      for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

           We hunger for holiness, and seek for
      spirit and God constantly.

      5 – Blessed
      are the
      merciful, for they
      shall receive mercy.

           We show mercy to everyone and forgive them
      as Jesus would do.

      6 – Blessed
      are the
      pure (clean) of
      heart, for they shall see God.

           We love God and our neighbors.

      7 – Blessed
      are the
      peacemakers, for they
      shall be called children of God.

           Everyone in peace is considered children
      of God.

      8 – Blessed
      are those who are
      for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of


           Those who sacrifice for God will be
      remembered by the people.


      started to separate into groups after the lecture to share our reflections and

      regarding Fr. Foeckler’s teachings this month.

      person shared their most touching and inspiring segment of the lecture with
      their group.

      are our reflections on the Beatitudes…



      Date:     2/17/2017

      Topic: Sermon
      on the Mountain – Beatitudes


      Ahn, Jasmine   Poor in Spirit: The example of the homeless man caught my attention since 

      even though he did not have a lot of share. He gave the actor all that he had, sacrificing
      his comfort 

      for their daughter medicine.

      Ahn, Jacob – “Meek-Gentle: I picked this one because I liked the story of the
      poor man who was very meek. 

      I also liked the story of Saul and David.

      Bae, Steve – “Poor in Spirit: I liked the story of the poor homeless man because
      although he had just received 

      $100 dollars and was so happy to be able to have
      a better environment, he was able to give it to 

      the young man because he knew
      that the 
      young man needed it more. 

      shows that he believed
      that all he
      needed to do was to trust in God to take care of 

      himAlthough he was a
      poor man with no money, he was humble in mind/spirit and recognized God.

      Bae, Paul – “Poor in Spirit: I liked 1st beatitude which was poor in
      spirit. I liked this because it was 

      interesting and it was unlike what I would
      normally think.

      Kim, Albert – “Poor in Spirit: It reflects me because usually in Chicago, we just
      ignore the poor people. 

      I don’t pay attention to them because they might kidnap
      me and I am scared. I want to try to help those people. 

      I can also try to not fight my brother and be generous to him.

      Kim, Eric – “Persecuted: They
      were persecuted even though they were doing the right thing while 

      the other
      people are 
      doing the wrong thing.  Just like when King Saul was trying to kill 

      King David even do, killing David was wrong. It’s also like when they crucified
      Jesus even do, 

      Jesus did so many glories.

      Kim, Esther – “Meek-Gentle:
      Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the land. Waiting for God 

      will solve
      problems for you.  

      Example: King
      David was meek because when Saul tried to fight him, he had resisted.

      Kim, Luke – “Poor in Spirit:
      The poor man that got $100 and bought things that can get him a better life, 

      and gave it to a young man who needs the money by returning all the items he
      bought and gave him $100. 

      Later the young man said I am an actor and because of
      your niceness, I’ll give you $500.

      Kim, Tommy – “Persecuted:
      “Blessed are those who are persecuted” stood out to me because 

      it showed me how
      to be 
      faithful to God.  It was amazing to
      me how many people sacrificed their personal plans 

      for God and their religion. I understand that even if you are pressured by others, you still have to make 

      an effort to believe in God. The people who do this are truly heroes. These
      people are also meek, just like Jesus.

      Lee, Peter – “Poor in Spirit: I
      think the first Beatitude, “Poor in Spirit”, sticks out the most because there

      many rich people without spirit and people without money have a lot of
      spirit. I think I am not poor in spirit 

      because even though I am not rich, I
      give it to the homeless and they are very thankful afterwards.

      Yoo, Steve-“Meek-gentleness:
      King David was meek towards Saul and the bigger person and 

      turned the other
      and loving the enemies; doing good to the bad.

      Zyung, Noah – “Meek and gentle

      I liked the meek and gentle
      Beatitude because that reminded me to be gentle and not to be rough.

      One story that I really liked
      that I should’ve not done, but reminded me was my basketball story.

      During my basketball game, I
      went into a fight with a kid named Jackson Hasbrook and I was out of 

      the game
      for a few 
      minutes. That time I didn’t realize that I was being rough, but after
      I saw 

      the kid lying on the floor, I felt really bad for him. That story will
      always be remembered in my heart 

      and now I know never to do that again.

      [In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit,

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