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      Date: 2/19/2016    7pm                                        Place: St. Paul Hasang Church (Convent)

      Speaker: Fr.
      Topic: Lent/ Prayer      


      Fr. Foeckler started out
      with a question…….What is Lent???

      responded….40days  before Easter….No
      meat Friday….


      Fr. Foeckler gradually focused
      his lecture toward prayer during lent.

      Jesus prayed before every important
      event such as Praying before meal, At the last supper, In the morning 

      heading to Galilee, After healing the people, Praying all night before choosing
      His 12 disciples, 

      Before teaching His disciples the Lord’s prayer, Before
      heading to Gathsemane, Before nailed to the cross, 

      and etc.


      Why did Jesus pray? Why do we pray?

      We pray because there is
      NEED- Need for healing for the sick

      Need  for 
      forgiveness of our sins

         – Need 
      to praise and give glory to God

          – Need to ask for mercy

      Who did Jesus pray to?
      Jesus prayed to God the Father.

      – To know

      – To love

                                                              – To

         – To
      do  ……..  the will of GOD


      Once again, why do we

      – To ask knowledge to know
      His will

      – Desire to do it

      – Strength to carry on


      Overall, we pray so God’s
      will be done.


      “Ask, and it will be
      given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to

      –   Matt. 7:7

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