Home vocation Lecture by Fr. Foeckler (Dec. 11, 2015)

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      Date: 12/11/2015   
      6:30pm                                 Place: St. Paul Hasang Church

      Speaker: Fr. Foeckler                                          
      Topic: Advent / Christmas Party      


      Part I – Brief Lecture by Fr. Foeckler

      Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the 

      celebration of the Nativity of Jesus.

      Beginning the Church’s liturgical year, Advent ( The term is a version of the Latin word meaning “ad-venire” – “coming”) is the

      season encompassing the
      four Sundays (and weekdays) leading up to the celebration of

      Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to
      Christ’s second coming at the end of 
      time and

      also to the anniversary of the
      Lord’s birth on Christmas. Once again, we realize God’s love for us as He sends
      His Son Jesus to

      this world to save us. 
      Jesus, Son of God and also Son of Mary, is True Man, and True God. 

      final days of Advent, from December 17 to December 24, focus particularly on
      our preparation for the celebrations of the Nativity of our Lord (Christmas).
      season offers the opportunity to share in the ancient longing for the coming of
      the Messiah, and to be alert for his Second Coming.


      Part II – Christmas Party Event

      We spent  few
      moments giving thanks to Fr. Foeckler
      each family.

      Each family had prepared 33 days of Thanks Offering prior to this
      Christmas events along with Handmade cards and letters, 

      Spiritual Gifts and Monetary
      donation (to repair building structure for Miles Jesu, where
       Fr. Foeckler


      In recognition, there were  4 students, Jasmine Ahn, Esther Kim, Jacob Ahn and Jayne Kim receiving Award for their Perfect

      Attendance and Excellent Note
      Taking Skills for all lectures.


      We also thanked sister Regina and sister Beleditha, who
      provides rides for Fr. Foeckler to our Bible Study every month.

      Without them, the mother will not have time
      to prepare monthly bible study meeting.


      In addition, we had Sister Carole Blazina, special visitor
      from Seton House International in Chicago.


      As we enjoyed our Christmas Party food, we watched a
      movie called “Little Boy”.

      It was about a boy who had a faith of a mustard seed to
      bring his father back from the war.

      During the movie, there was Reconciliation in the other
      room with Fr. Foeckler.


      The party ended around 9:30pm and we took some photos to keep
      as our souvenirs.









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