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      calling assumes that there is a caller, who we identify as God. But what makes
      hearing this call so difficult is that 

      God’s voice is not the only voice
      calling out to us. 

      are all different kinds of voices competing for your attention, your loyalty,
      and your devotion. There are so many narratives we can choose to live by other
      than a Christian one. How are we supposed to determine God’s voice amidst all
      these voices?

      ’s advice is to simply pay attention to 2 things: the thing that brings
      you gladness and identifying 

      the world’s deepest hunger. 

      says “the place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and
      world’s deepest hunger meet.”
      what does this mean?

      means we need to take a look inward and we need to take a look outward. 

      start with the idea of looking inward. Teresa of Avila invites us to think
      about our souls as if it were a castle. She 

      called it the interior castle. And
      if you had to describe a castle, how would you describe it? It takes time to
      walk through an entire castle. And it’s only when we enter into this castle and
      look around, exploring each room, that we discover 

      our hidden hunger. It’s
      there we can talk with God. It’s there where we can discover what truly gives
      us joy or 


      says, listen to your life because it’s trying to tell you something. It’s
      whispering something to you everyday. 

      It’s nudging you in a certain direction.
      What your life is asking
      of you is to be honest
      with yourself in learning what you 

      truly love. 

      Joseph Tobin echoes this finding, stating: “Quiet reflection and prayer are
      essential elements for vocational 

      discernment. It is in the interior depths of
      our heart where we hear the voice of Christ, where he speaks to us, and 

      he reveals his will for our lives.” 

      the 1st step, looking inward. 

      2nd step is to look outward. Looking outward simply means taking an honest look
      at the world in all its 

      brokenness. Looking outward means
      acknowledging the pain of others around you
      . Looking outward means

      proximate, up close, and personal to people’s suffering. 

      here’s where vocation comes in. Our vocation is when our
      gladness intersects with world’s deepest hunger. 

      Vocation happens
      when we realize our gladness can bring about positive change into the lives of
      others who are 

      in pain. 

      calling begins to unfold for us when our inward discoveries begin interacting
      with our outward discoveries. 

      It’s when our work brings healing to the
      brokenness that surrounds us. 

      Hopefully, these 2 steps can get you started as you continue
      exploring your own individual vocation. 

      Thank you!

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